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  • PITCH, HIT & RUN DERBY is June 2nd at 11am.... 5/4-6/8, 10:30am-12:30pm, we will be hosting our weekly Slugger's Academy...
Pitch, Hit & Run Derby!!!

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The day of the competition will be on June 2nd, weather permitting, from 11am to 1PM. Below is the general information for the competition. Additional information and rules can be found on our website. Copies will be emailed to all players.

  • Each team selects 1 player for each event to compete against players from other teams in the division.
  • Please note that one player could win multiple categories for their team. Only the player(s) that win the category for their team will advance to the divisional competition on June 2nd.
  • Team representation is decided by all the players competing in the three events during a team’s practice. In the case that there is not time for this to happen the team (coaches and players) can nominate the 1 representative for each event.
  • Competition will be held on June 2nd from 11-1; All competitors should arrive by 10:45am
  • "Awards": The winning representative(s) from each team will receive a medal. The divisional winner for each competition will receive a trophy. All medals and trophies will be handed out at the end of the Pitch, Hit and Run derby competition on June 2nd.
  • Players must wear their team uniforms to participate.
  • Pictures will be taken at the end of the competition. There will be a picture taken of the divisional winner(s) and a group picture.

by posted 05/20/2019
Slugger's Academy


Beginning Saturday, May 4th through June 8th, from 10:30am-12:30pm, we will be hosting our weekly Slugger’s Academy.

The Academy is optional and open to all Majors & Minors players and facilitated by coaches in those leagues.  It is optional to attend and was very popular last year. We will meet informally at the cages between fields D&E and then break up into smaller informal groups from there. 

What is Slugger’s Academy? 

Think of it as “pick-up baseball” where players can come and work on specific things with coaches and other players.  It is meant to be fun and informal.  In the past, we’ve had a great group of coaches volunteer facilitate sessions on batting, fielding, throwing, and pitching.  It can take many forms, such as drills or game simulations.  

What is the goal of Slugger’s Academy? 

To improve our baseball skills in a fun environment, while spending time on the fields with our friends

by posted 05/02/2019
Snack Shack Sign-Up is Open!!!


Both Snack Shacks (Deb Samson & Ames Street) are vital to the success of Sharon Youth Baseball and Softball Association (SYBSA). We all need to work together in making sure your children are having the best possible experience. Manning the Snack Shacks is an easy, fun job, and only requires a few hours over the course of the entire season from you. The smiles you will see on the players and parents faces are well worth the small investment of your time.

Sales earned by the Snack Shacks are an important source of income for your league and are used to help shoulder the numerous expenses associated with programs such as ours. From Field Renovations to Uniforms, all proceeds go toward ensuring your children have the best possible experience in your League. These funds help guarantee SYBSA will play a great role in your community today and years to come.

The Management and Staffing of each Snack Shack is done solely by Volunteers. SYBSA currently asks all its Members to work in the Snack Shack during the spring season and tournaments.

Please Sign-up today to take part in helping out at the Deb Sampson Snack Shack or the Ames Street Snack Shack this spring.

Help make this season the best it can be, for everyone!!!

by posted 04/09/2019
Big Al - A Resource for Coaches!!!


Did you know Sharon Baseball Coaches have FREE access to the Big Al Baseball website? Create your own practice plan or pick and choose from drills that are all aged-based, fun and appropriate for your team's skill level.

Over 1.4 million coaches, managers, players and their parents and thousands of leagues have taken advantage of Big Al’s training and development programs and resources to date, and now his complete curriculum is available online in Big Al’s Training and Development Center.

Email our VP of Baseball for additional information and access: VPBaseball@sybsa.org

by posted 02/24/2019
10 Reasons you should become a Coach!

Coaching is…

New coaches are the lifeblood of the system that keeps SYBSA dynamic and active. Every small era in our development is owed in great part to the parent volunteers who choose to get involved, stay involved and grow their teams. To those who love to spend time with their kids and their kids’ friends, and who value the life lessons that baseball teaches, we proudly invite you to get involved.

1. Coaching is about giving kids confidence by teaching them a game that literally changes lives.
2. Coaching is hauling the gear bag around like a custodian, because you are one.
3. Coaching is a chance to make all kinds of new friends (especially the young ones).
4. Coaching is making every player know s/he’s the best one on the team.
5. Coaching is two hours on a green grassy field where the office can’t reach you.
6. Coaching is the high-fives you give and get from the sweetest faces.
7. Coaching is assuring a dejected child that the sun will rise tomorrow.
8. Coaching is a tribute to your own kids’ dreams.
9. Coaching is a tribute to your community.
10. Coaching is a tribute to the ones who coached you.

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